Unearth Hidden Treasures with the UIG Gold Digger, a powerful metal detector equipped with seven advanced search systems.



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The UIG GOLD DIGGER device is equipped with seven search systems designed to detect various underground items, including buried gold, raw gold, gold veins, hidden treasures, precious metals, gold, bronze, and silver coins.

The device’s depth for ancient buried targets reaches 4 meters or more underground.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device supports multiple languages:

German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese .

After conducting extensive scientific research and field trials, UIG Detectors Company is thrilled to introduce our revolutionary new device—the world’s first for detecting underground gold, precious metals, and hidden treasures.

Following rigorous practical experiments and numerous global field tests, the UIG GOLD DIGGER device has demonstrated its exceptional efficiency.

This device incorporates several advanced features that can turn novices into skilled professionals in prospecting, providing optimal results.

The UIG Gold Digger device is globally unique, precise, and versatile in detecting buried gold, raw gold, precious metals, metal coins, and hidden treasures, functioning effectively in all natural conditions and terrains.

جولد ديجر

Seven Search Systems In one Device
Explore the buried gold, raw gold, and hidden treasures underground, even in the most challenging and diverse terrains, utilizing seven specialized systems within the UIG Gold Digger detector.

The Latest Metal Detection Technologies
The UIG Gold Digger detector stands out with the latest technologies in gold detection and a wide range of metals, offering high-speed and accurate detection.

Precious Metal Discriminating system
The UIG Gold Digger detector boasts advanced and innovative capabilities in discriminating between precious and non-precious metals, thereby increasing the potential for discovering gold and other precious metals.

4.3-Inch TouchScreen
The UIG Gold Digger machine comes equipped with a high-resolution, 4.3-inch color touchscreen, providing clear viewing and convenient operation in the field.

Long Lifetime Battery
Enjoy extended treasure-hunting journeys with the UIG Gold Digger’s battery lifetime for over 10 hours on a single charge, ensuring you stay active throughout your exploratory trip.

five -Year Warranty
Rest assured that your investment in the UIG Gold Digger machine is unmatched.

Seven Search Systems in one Device
Explore the buried gold, raw gold, and hidden treasures underground, even in the most challenging and diverse terrains, utilizing seven specialized systems within the UIG Gold Digger detector.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device functions using an exceptionally precise and advanced automatic (VLF) system, capable of discerning between precious and non-precious metals.

Designed specifically for individuals involved in gold prospecting, the UIG Gold Digger machine offers a tool that is both highly efficient and user-friendly.

Notably, the UIG GOLD DIGGER device is equipped with an automatic operating system that remains unaffected by varying soil types, including wet soil, mineral-rich soil, or areas with mineralized rocks (such as basalt rocks). Its advanced calibration technology enables it to bypass all types of mineralized rocks.

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This system can search for all types of targets (large and small).

This system specializes in detecting small targets (such as raw gold, gold veins, small gold flakes, and metal coins).

This system specializes in detecting large targets (like hidden treasures) at great depths.

This system excels in discovering targets in high-noise environments and the most challenging types of mineral-rich, impure soils.

This unique system combines two features, reaching great depths while not losing the ability to detect small targets.

This system can store frequencies for over twenty types of metals, allowing users to choose which metal to search for or ignore.
It can search for multiple metals simultaneously or ignore several metals at the same time.

This system specializes in accurately pinpointing target locations, reaching great depths, and facilitating the digging process for the prospector.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device is one of the finest German industries, holding the European CE certification according to global standards, in addition to the ISO 9001 international certification in accordance with global standards and measures.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device is designed to operate in all countries and climates. A true exploration journey does not require venturing into new lands but rather seeing with new eyes.

Wishing you success in your exploratory journeys.

Technical Specification Name

Technical Specification Value

Dimensions Device with sensor (opened)

880 mm

Dimensions Device with sensor (Closed)

600 mm

Dimensions Device without sensor (Closed) 575 mm

575 mm


2.4 GHz Radio

Data processing speed

72 MHz

Operating Temperature Range

0 C° to 70 C°

Operating Humidity Range

Up to 95 % non-condensing

Storage Temperature Range

-20C° to 70C°

Storage Humidity Range

Up to 98 % Relative Humidity

Operating Time (27 Wh Battery)

10 Hours

Waterproof Rating – Detector

Not waterproof (weatherproof only)

BT144 Battery Technical Specifications


Rechargeable Battery – External Battery

Output Voltage

Li-ion 10.8 VDC


Li-ion 27 Wh

Run Time

10 Hours

Battery Operating Temperature

0 C° to 50 C°

Battery Storage Temperature

– 5C° to 70C°

Battery Charger Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature

0 C° to 50 C°

Storage Temperature

– 30 C° to 80 C°

Input Voltage

90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz

USB Output Current

5 VDC / 2100 mA

Other Technical Specifications

Total weight

2900 g

Device weight

1100 g

Battery weight

330 g

Bag weight (empty)

1130 g

Bag dimensions

635 mm x 335 mm x 145 mm

gold digger
Car Charger
gold digger
Coil-34×24 cm
gold digger
gold digger
gold digger
gold digger
Safety Box
gold digger

Video explaining how the UIG GOLD DIGGER Device work

International certificates for devices

Cϵ marking certification

The CE certificate represents the conformity of the functioning of the devices and their safety of use which applies to international manufacturing standards

International ISO 9001 Certification

according to international standards and specifications.