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RIVER – F SMART long-range water finder to detect groundwater, artesian wells and underground water springs with its completely new design and the first of its kind in the world.






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3 Systems


fresh – natural – salty

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RIVER – F SMART Long-range detecting underground water, artesian wells, and underground springs with its all-new design and the first of its kind worldwide.
The device has been completely developed into the RIVER – F SMART with the addition of more systems and properties with new professional technologies in detecting water sites and sources and their depths with high accuracy and ease.

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It integrates three different research systems:
1- Freshwater search system.
2- Salty water search system.
3- A system for determining the water depth by meter, and centimeter easily and with high accuracy.
A super speed in detecting water sources and determining their locations accurately.
RIVER F groundwater detection device is also characterized by several functions:
The search depth of the RIVER – F SMART device reaches 500 meters in the ground and a forward range of 3000 meters.
The RIVER-F SMART has been developed to make it easier to operate in all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult weather conditions.
The RIVER – F SMART device has the ability to penetrate the layers of the earth to great depths that are difficult for many devices to reach.

Technical Specification NameTechnical Specification Value
Audio Outputpiezo buzzer Ø:12mm – H:9.8mm sound pressure level 85db at 12v/10cm frequency 4.5±0.5 kHz
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)full-color 98mm x 57mm / 480×270 px
LengthDevice: 170 mm – The device with long-range sensor 310mm
FrequencyMax 500 KHz
Data processing speed8 MHz
Operating Temperature Range0 ° C to 70 ° C
Operating Humidity Rangeup to 95 % non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range– 20C° to 70C°
Storage Humidity Rangeup to 98 % Relative Humidity
Operating Time (27 W Battery)10 Hours
Waterproof Rating – Detectornot waterproof (weatherproof only )
Compass moduleGY-282
weight total4950 g
Device weight500 g
Bag weight (empty )3.5 kg
Bag dimensions53cm x 40cm x 22.8 cm
Battery TypeLi-ion Rechargeable Battery – External Battery
Battery Output VoltageLi-ion 10.8 VDC
Battery CapacityLi-ion 27 Wh
Battery Run Time10 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature0 ° C to 60 ° C
Battery Storage Temperature– 2C° to 70C°
Battery weight350 g
Charger Operating Temperature0 ° C to 50 ° C
Charger Storage Temperature– 30C° to 80C°
Charger Input Voltage90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz
Charger Output12.6 VDC / 1000 mA


An electric car charger
Signal Enhancer
Unit Holder
Main Unit
Signal Recipient
Safety Box
warranty card

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